The nv-l mailing list is a mailing list for discussion of the IBM Tivoli Netview product.

From the product description:

IBM Tivoli NetView discovers TCP/IP networks, displays network topologies, correlates and manages events and SNMP traps, monitors network health, and gathers performance data. Tivoli NetView meets the needs of managers of large networks by providing the scalability and flexibility to manage mission-critical environments.

Using the nv-l archive

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The archive is organised by date, with messages grouped in one-month blocks. These blocks can be browsed in date order or (more usefully) as threads of discussion. The whole archive can be searched for words or phrases using the built-in search facility.

This archive is operated by Skills 1st Ltd in the UK.


Messages up to 8th January 2002 came from the old listserv archive. These had a very limited set of headers, so MIME types and Message IDs have been added by heuristics. Messages sent with HTML text may appear to be repeated, and threads of discussion may not be represented correctly in the index pages.

From 8th January 2002 until 30th September 2003, messages came from the EZMLM system at These have complete headers and have not been modified.

The archive now receives mail directly from the list system at It processes new messages once per hour.

Using the list itself

Note: the nv-l mailing list is not an official Tivoli Support forum. If you need immediate assistance from Tivoli please contact your local support organisation.

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