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SP2 nodes as false routers

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Subject: SP2 nodes as false routers
From: Etienne Lequeux <Etienne.Lequeux@EU.CIT.ALCATEL.FR>
Date: Sat, 11 Jul 1998 01:22:20 +0200
Organization: Alcatel
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Recently we upgraded SP2 nodes to AIX421/PSSP2.3
Since that, NV (re)discovers theses nodes as routers. Effectevily,
IPForwarding is on on the MIB.

But these nodes, although multi-homed dont do routing... SMIT said.

The most curious is they accept a SNMP set of IPForwrding to no

They run AIX42 std SNMPagent , with NV trapgend  and PSSP subagents

Any idea ?
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