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Fatal OVW error: Object not found

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Subject: Fatal OVW error: Object not found
From: James_L._Miller@ARMSTRONG.COM
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 1998 15:29:01 -0400
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Your help is requested.

I am running an unsupported release of NetView for AIX (version 3.1.3), on a
RS/6000 59H, AIX 4.2.1 operating system.

Over this past weekend the /usr/OV/databases filesystem reached 100% capacity
and corrupted the databases.  All subsequent attempts to open the GUI resulted
in NO maps being displayed, and a pop-up window with the error:   Error in
init_mapinfo, calling OVwBeginMapSync, for , error: The database is probably
corrupted [2080.1].

I have attempted several different techniques, and combinations, to resolve this
situation, including NetView Smit, Restart MAP Generation, and Resolve Database
Inconsistencies, to little avail.
I also did a restore of the /usr/OV/databases/openview directory.
I have been able to get the GUI to start and it does have the customized maps,
however, I now have the problem of receiving the message: Fatal OVW error:
Object not found.

Reviewing the nettl.LOG00 log, the offending object is the 'IP Internet Object.
The error message indicates it is corrupted or missing.  The OVwError code is

Has anyone had this problem before, and/or, can you suggest a possible
resolution to this situation?

I thank all of you, in advance, for your assistance.


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