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Re: Answers to several questions

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Subject: Re: Answers to several questions
From: "Joel A. Gerber" <joel.gerber@USAA.COM>
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 1998 08:04:00 -0500
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Thanks for the info, Don.  I did finally figure out how to get it to work.
I had to add a line to my file for the HOME environment variable like this:
"export HOME=$HOME"  Once I did that, CiscoView worked OK.  Don't ask me how
I knew to add HOME; there was some obscure error message in the nv6000.log
file that seemed to refer to the $HOME variable not being set.

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        When starting NetView from the Tivoli desktop, there is a box to
fill in the 
        name of a file that will set your environment variables. I use
/.profile in this box and 
        all variables get set. That is if you define them in /.profile. I do
not use applsetup. 
        Keep in mind that setting environment variables requires syntax like

        .  /.profile 

        This is done automatically for you if you do as I suggested above. 
        However, if you use the "DOT SPACE " syntax in applsetup to call
/.profile, it should work as well. 

        All bets are off if you are trying this on a Solaris platform. It
tries to do a  . /.profile in the bourne shell. 
        That does not work and produces an error. 
        I have not figured out how to make the Tivoli desktop use the korn
shell on Solaris. 

        Paul & Azlan, 

        Forget the AIX bitmap editor it is a TERRIBLE tool to try to use !!!

        Instead, use dticon, it is the bitmap/icon editor that comes with
the CDE. 

        The CDE, of course,  has to be installed. 

        / usr / bin / dt / dticon 


        If things are missing from smitty, you have somehow corrupted the
ODM (Object Data Manager). 
        If you have a backup you can try restoring the following directory
to fix SMIT/smitty: 

        Does NetView still work from the command line (nv6000)? 
        If it does you may be able to get away with just going through the
create NetView server steps, without actually installing any code, to
restore the NetView Server icon. 

        You do have a recent backup of your system ....... right ? 


        All answers posted here are IMHO :) 

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