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Re: Moving a Netview V5.1 from a Workstation to an another

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Subject: Re: Moving a Netview V5.1 from a Workstation to an another
From: Scott Wilson <swilson@RPM.COM>
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 10:09:45 -0400
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This is the best way to go I agree, however, a mksysb image is not compatible
across hardware platforms.  i.e. you cannot take an image from a J30 and
restore on an F50.  So if you are changing hardware platform, this will not

Moise Dignard wrote:

> I had to do that a few month ago, and the way I did it was just to make a
> "makesysb" (system backup) on a 8mm tape of the box that I wanted (i.e.
> clone it). And then restore that tape on the new Workstation. And after all
> that is done just go through the precedures for changing the IP and
> Hostname of the NetView box (about 10 steps each).
> That way you have a working identical Netview box. The other way (complete
> new install) it will take you alot more time(maybe 2 hrs more).

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