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Re: Polling timeouts

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Subject: Re: Polling timeouts
From: Booker Rosemary <rbooker@WOOLWORTHS.COM.AU>
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 13:19:32 +1100
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I've noticed a similar thing. I have changed the timeouts and retries a few
times and by quite a lot. Currently I have set timeout=15s; retries=6; and
status polling=2m to a group of routers in the network. I have run a sniffer
and watched what was happening. Once I saw the timeout = 15s, another time
it was 5s, and other times there was a retry of 1 sec, then 2 sec then and
then every 2 mins until the object came back up.

It was a bit difficult interpreting the traces as I am monitoring live
traffic in a large network, however, it does seem that the Status pings
don't seem to match the changes to the timeouts and retries and the SNMP
COnfiguration window.

I'm running NetView 5.1 on AIX 4.2.1

Its important for us to be able to vary the ping timeouts and retries as the
network has yet to be configured with a 'custom queing algorithm' which will
give UDP and ping a chance to survive under heavy traffic conditions. At the
moment a large number of pings are being dropped in the network, thus
causing lots of interface and node ups and downs.


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> Sent: Wednesday, 17 February 1999 5:44
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> Subject:      Polling timeouts
> I recently turned on netmon tracing in order to watch how netmon reacts to
> a
> down interface.  I have status polling defined for a 2 second timeout and
> 3
> retries.  What I found in the trace log was three separate ping attempts
> (I
> expected four).  The first had a timeout of 1 second.  The second ping had
> a
> timeout of 2 seconds, and the third had a timeout of 1 second.  Can anyone
> explain the timeout values observed, and why I did not see a thrid retry?
> I
> have about 5000 objects being polled at 5 minute intervals by Netview 5.0
> on AIX
> 4.2.1.
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