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Subject: Re: trapd
From: "Whitehead, Neil" <whitern@RBOS.CO.UK>
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 16:27:26 -0000
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I had a similar problem not too long ago...

I'd reconfigured my NetView Server (v4.1.2) forward selected traps to
another SNMP manager.

I then modified some of the trap definitions in trapd.conf to indicate
that these traps should be forwardred. Everything was fine, traps were
being recieved and processed and the traps that had been configured to
be forwarded were being forwarded.

I then changed another trap (admittedly it was for Systems Monitor which
no longer supported, but still...) and all of a sudden netmon &
snmpCollect stopped running.

All the trap modifications were made via the xnmtrap application.
Strange!!! Still haven't got to the bottom of it...

Neil Whitehead (x22808)
IT Services (Telecoms)
The Royal Bank of Scotland
Tel: 0131-523 2808
e-mail: whitern@rbos.co.uk

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> Hi list!
> I have problems with my daemons:
> first I go editing /usr/OV/conf/C/trapd.conf
> then I ovstop/ovstart the trapd daemon to reload trapd.conf
> after a while I get a message about nvserverd not running
> but ovstatus tells me its running and well behavied.
> Then more messages pops up about netmon and snmpCollect not running.
> At this state traps is not processed at all.
> Only remedy is to reboot the machine.
> thanks!
> //larry

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