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Re: error "Unable to resolve name"

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Subject: Re: error "Unable to resolve name"
From: Vladimir Petr <petr@DATASYS.CZ>
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 13:16:30 +0200
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Hello, Sontaya;
The dispsub process' work is to display submaps and nodes based upon the trap
sent by TEC server. If you do not have TEC you can simply disable automatic
dispsub's startup - go to /usr/OV/registration/C/dispsub and remove the Initial
flag (you can start it anytime from under the Administer menu, though).
If you use TEC at your site, then I would check whether your DNS server has been
set correctly on the box (i.e. check naming configuration at all including
/etc/hosts and /etc/netsvc.conf if being in use).
Also, with v5.0 recollections show that some troubles were known with reset_ci
script (I think you used it after you had changed IP address of the server).
Finally, to go to v5.1 seems the best to avoid some problems.

Hope this helps,
Best regards,

Sontaya Passakonnirin wrote:

> Dear all,
> I have NetView 5.0 for AIX 4.2 that I used it for a long time. last
> week, my
> organization was reorganize the IP address that I was change NetViev IP,
> gateway and its DNS. after that I was clear all NetView database and
> rediscovery the network. That it fond all of network and any thing I
> want
> ,but it had the pop-up window to show an error "/usr/OV/bin/dispsub:
> Unable
> to resolve name to object id : Success." Any time I click "ok" on that
> window the new window was pop-up again and still show that error on the
> NetView.
> I think it cause of name and IP address, but I don't know how to solve.
> please help me.
> regards,
> rut ^_^
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