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Re: Netfinity MIB's

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Subject: Re: Netfinity MIB's
From: Doug Horn <Doug_Horn@HSBC.CA>
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1999 09:40:32 -0700
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Subject:  Netfinity MIB's

Hi Jan

We are using NetFinity in this exact same way.  I got the MIB's off of the
NEtFinity CD.  If you do not have them I can send them to you.

They easily compiled into Netview and then I just defined a trap for them
at the events show up under the event viewer.

I also found that if you install NetFinity on a system and want it to
create an SNMP alert that you must have the SNMP agent loaded first or you
will not see the alert actions to create an SNMP event.


I know this is not exactly a Tivoli issue but, IBM
can't help on this one.

I need MIB files for Netfinity. We have a Netfinity
server which captures traps from NT boxes in the
We need to forward those traps to NetView for AIX
5.1.1 but, I can't seem to find the MIBs.

Also, if there are any redbooks or whitebooks with
instructions, that would be helpful.

Thanks for any suggestions in advance.

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