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Re: Netview Service Not Starting

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Subject: Re: Netview Service Not Starting
From: "Todd E. Lewis" <telewis@PROVIDENTBANKMD.COM>
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1999 09:49:29 -0400
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I deinstalled again and was successful with netview service loading but now I'm 
getting a DR. Watson exception error every time the snmpcollect daemon starts. 
So I'm now going to patch SQL w/patch5 to see what happens. It appears to be 
some problem with the SQL snmp extends.

>>> Uwe Richter <Uwe.Richter@SYNTHESIS.DE> 04/29 8:08 AM >>>
I have the same Problem. MSSQL use the snmp-Agent an NetView can't start.
I thing, you can make a workaround.
1. Install Windows NT new without SNMP-Service.
2. Install MSSQL 6.5
3. Install SNMP-Service and Service-Packs
4. Install NetView NT

Good Luck


>===== Original Message From "Todd E. Lewis" <SMTP:NV-L@UCSBVM.UCSB.EDU> =====
>Has anyone ever had a problem after installing 5.1 for NT, where the netview
>service gives an error about "error 1075... marked for deletion or a
>dependent service is not loaded..? " There appears to be some type of
>corruption to the registry. When you go to diagnostics and look at the
>nvservice it shows MSSQLserver and a couple of funky control characters. I've
>tried deinstalling and installing several times but still have the problem.
>Thanks in advance.

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