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Henry PAN's Business Trip Away

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Subject: Henry PAN's Business Trip Away
From: henry pan <henry@PUBLIC3.BTA.NET.CN>
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 1999 17:43:23 +0800
Reply-to: henry pan <henrypan@canada.com>
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Dear All,
I'll take a business trip out of town tomorrow & should be back on coming Tuesday.
If anything urgent, I'd be reached at (86) 138 109 5583.
Thanks for your attention,
Best Regards
Henry PAN
Director, G.M.
Beijing Imvec Computer Systems Co., Ltd.
Suite 308 SciTech Tower 22 Jian Wai St.
Beijing 100004 China
Tel. : (8610) 6522 7594/7
Fax :  (8610) 6522 7598
Email: henrypan@canada.com
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