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Re: snmpCollect

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Subject: Re: snmpCollect
From: Juan Echevarria <echevarria@ES.IBM.COM>
Date: Thu, 7 Oct 1999 11:58:19 +0200


     as far as I know, ifInOctets does the following:
[ifInOctets(t2)-ifInOctets(t1)]/(t2-t2) with t2 and t1 expressed in seconds. So
you have the octets rate average during that period of time (since t1 to t2).
     If you want to collect just the MIB without operations you can do it
manually with the MIB browser or with snmpget command and filtering with grep.
Best of regards,

Juan Echevarría López
AT&T Global Network Services
Internet: jechevarria@att.com   |   echevarria@es.ibm.com

Kovacs Gabor <qgethali@GOLD.UNI-MISKOLC.HU> on 07/10/99 13:07:34

Please respond to Discussion of IBM NetView and POLYCENTER Manager on NetView

cc:    (bcc: Juan Echevarria Lopez/Spain/IBM)
Subject:  Re: snmpCollect

> The command snmpColDump on files created by snmpCollect create an ascii file.
>    Have you tried this command ?

Thanks.It works,but it transforms the value.I want to count the traffic on
a router so i collect the value of the ifInOctets , but the snmpColDump
makes an value in units/sec.I can't interpret this value.
Does anyone know what is this value?

        Gabor Kovacs

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