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Netview5.1.1/Optivity8.1.1 Avoid blind alarms

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Subject: Netview5.1.1/Optivity8.1.1 Avoid blind alarms
From: Winfried Gehrig <Winfried.Gehrig@SKF.COM>
Date: Fri, 8 Oct 1999 08:31:43 +0100
Hello Netview/Optivity-experts around the globe,

I'm suffering from blind-alarms on our welltuned IBM C10 with
Netview5.1.1/Optivity8.1.1 on AIX4.3.2

The SNMP-values are: SNMP-Timeout 20sec    Retry 6  Polling 10 min

OVs_YES_START:nvsecd,ovtopmd,trapd,ovwdb:-P, -q 120, -Q 120,-S,-s/usr/OV/conf/s:

I'm watching around 2000 objects and around 20 times per day I receive blind
alarms like this:

Fri Oct 08 07:40:07 1999  BAY-HUB-123   node down
Specific: 58916865  Generic: 6  Category: Status Events  Enterprise: netView6000
Source: Netmon (N)  Hostname: BAY-HUB-123  Severity: Critical

The according ICON turns into red color and our operator is alarmed. But the box
outside has no problem.
In some cases this situation last several minutes, in most cases around 20
seconds till the icon turns green again.

If I want to have the icon back to green color immediatly, no problem, but not
the best solution:
A manual Ping-command from the command-line will wake up the soapbox outside and
the object is green again.

To avoid these blind alarms and manual intervention in future, I would like to
automate this with a little script.

As soon as a "Node-down"-event occurs, the Mngmt-Station should try to reach the
object again by
automatically pinging the IP-adress, maybe 3 times with 5 seconds between each
 If this won't wake up the box, a trap should be generated saying " Hello
Operator, this box is really dead !!"

One question to the SNMP-values:
The SNMP-timeout is set to 20 seconds, does that mean that Netview is waiting 20
seconds for the answer
of the first PING ? Would it be better to take a smaller value to reduce the
time for showing a blind alarm ?
As I already mentioned, the red icon is often but not always shown around 20

Any hints, tips and tricks are welcome

                     (o o)
Winfried Gehrig         mailto:Winfried.Gehrig@skf.com
SKF GmbH                FON  ++49(0)9721 56 3077
Schweinfurt     Virtual FAX  ++49(0)9721 5663266
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