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Antw: Re: Remote Access / Web Access

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Subject: Antw: Re: Remote Access / Web Access
From: Michael Seibold <Michael.Seibold@GEK.DE>
Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2000 08:13:40 +0100
I installed sshd (secure shell) on the Netview-Server (for increased security 
reasons) and ssh on the clients.
Then you can start a telnet-session using ssh -C (for Compression). This will 
reduce the time for loading Netview to about 3-5 Minutes, and after the initial 
load you can work with reasonable response times over the phone line. If your 
Netview-Server isn't running at 100% CPU all the time you can use this feature 
even in your LAN and you will notice performance improvements opening submaps 

ssh should be available from http://www.ssh.org/

>>> Ken Karasek <KGKARASE@HEWITT.COM> 08.02.2000  23.13 Uhr >>>

You have the option not to start NetView to view the event display. Once you
attached to the host and exported your display, you can enter 'nvevents' at the
prompt. This will bring up only the events display window and you will not have
to load the entire NV EUI.

From: Patrick McNeil <patrick_mcneil@YAHOO.COM> on 02/08/2000 02:00 PM

Please respond to Discussion of IBM NetView and POLYCENTER Manager on NetView

Subject:  Remote Access / Web Access

Hello everyone,

I am currently being tasked with coming up with a remote access solution for
our network support group.  My first suggestion was load X-Windows Server
software on a laptop and the on-call person can take the laptop home and
dial-up for remote access.  Unfortunately when I tried it, it takes on the
order of about 15 minutes before NetView is actually usable when dialing up.
What I mean by usable is that you can actually look at the event log see
what is down, etc.

The next solution seems to be web access (which I haven't tried remotely,
yet).  It looks like you have to have a read-write map open to do this.
Which is fine during the day, but at night the desktop people want everyone
to log out (which then kills the web session).

Is anyone doing some type of remote access for their administrators?
Is there anyway around the read-write map access? What about in version 6?
What about 3rd party?



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