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Demand poll!

To: nv-l@lists.tivoli.com
Subject: Demand poll!
From: Andersson Lars-Olof <lars-olof.andersson@scania.com>
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2000 10:28:19 +0100
We have installed the NetView for UNIX patch 5.1.2
on our test environment(AIX 4.3.2) and that works ok!

After installing the patch on our production environment
(AIX 4.2.1), the answer from a Demand poll takes 15-45
The configuration of netmon is the same!!

Anyone have any ideas??

Mvh / Best Regards

Lars-Olof Andersson
WM-data Scania  
Järnagatan 41-49
P O Box 624, S-151 27 Södertälje,Sweden
Phone: +46(0)8-553 85249,+46(0)70-601 69 79
Fax: +46(0)8-553 853 54

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