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Re: Application Registration Files

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Subject: Re: Application Registration Files
From: "Bernard Disselborg" <BDISSELB@triple-p.nl>
Date: Thu, 06 Apr 2000 09:16:58 +0200

They are stored under: /usr/OV/registration/C/ovmib.
They are editable, but if you edit them you cannot read/modify them anymore 
with the Application Builder. You have to treat them as any other 'hand made' 
ARF's (restart the GUI to make changes active).

If the only intention is to combine homegrone apps with Application Builder 
apps, there is no reason to edit the Application Builder apps manually, just 
use common menu(bar) path's.




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>>> W.M.de.Bruin@DNB.NL 04/06/00 08:58AM >>>

Hi all,

Does anybody know where the registration files for Applications created by the
Mib Application Builder are stored?
If yes, are they editable, just ike any other ARF?

I am creating a set of custom management options for the client, and want to add
MIB Applications, as well as homegrown applications to one customized Menu

Wouter de Bruin
Network Management Consultant

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