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Re:Icon Status Question

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Subject: Re:Icon Status Question
From: lclark@us.ibm.com
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2000 23:44:40 -0400

I would go the the node submap (that's the level where the
existing interface card is) and use Edit..Add to add an object
there. Try using the Software application icon, just to avoid
getting any unwanted attributes that go along with the various
types of symbols, at first. Now look at it with Tools...Display
Object Info. You will see what the Selection Name is. That is
the name that you have to specify on the status trap. So if you
want to derive this Selection Name from an incoming trap,
look at the info you have in the trap and name these things
accordingly.  Using the Context Menu, Edit, Modify/Describe,
Symbol, look at the thing you made. The status source
should be symbol. Leave the status source of the device
itself alone (Compound). When your trap comes in, have
it execute an action (script is probably best) that generates
the status trap to set the status of the object you added. When
one of those  trunks goes down, set its symbol to critical, and
the parent object will turn yellow. Would that do?


Leslie A. Clark
IBM Global Services - Systems Mgmt & Networking

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"Smith, Kristi" <Kristi_Smith@mentorg.com>@tkg.com on 04/19/2000 02:04:43

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To:   nv-l@tkg.com
Subject:  [NV-L] Icon Status Question

Environment:  NetView 5.1.2 running on Solaris 2.6

Situation:  I need to be able to create and set the status of icons
representing non-IP addressable Nortel Passport Trunks on our NetView map.
The Passport Nodes have one SNMP queryable IP interface for management
purposes. The Passports send traps to NetView when these trunks go down and
come back up.  I want to be able to trigger a status change on a non-netmon
controlled icon based on these traps.

Problem:  I am trying to use the NetView 58916871 trap to change the status
of the icons that I have created and I can't get the status to change at
all.  I have tried to follow the steps in James' "Change the status of an
icon" document that he wrote awhile ago but I'm missing something.  I am
running the event window in the control-desk attached to the read-write
map, I have modified the nvevents.overrideCompoundStatus option in the
Nvevents file to be "True", I have set the status source of the icon as
"symbol" , and I am able to run the snmptrap script to send a trap to
NetView (this works) etc.

I'm guessing that my problem lies in the way I'm creating or naming the
icons.  Do the icons I create have to be copied and modified based on an
existing node on the map?   I have tried copying the existing icon for a
Passport at the node level, pasting it at the interface level, changing the
status source to "Symbol"   and modifying the label to represent a trunk
interface per a post done by Jim Bingen awhile ago but it didn't work for
me.  I have tried multiple variations on this theme and haven't been

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Kristi Smith
Mentor Graphics Corporation
(503) 685-1971

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