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Router Icons Discovered with a Partial IP Address

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Subject: Router Icons Discovered with a Partial IP Address
From: elig@bezeq.com
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2000 10:40:16 +0200
Netview V6.0 has discovered, among all the good stuff, a multitude of "Cisco
Router" shape objects, which carry only a partial IP address.
I.e. these objects' label is an IP address with a meaningful network portion
and zeroes as a host portion, e.g.
A double click of such an icon opens a submap with only a single interface
having the same partial address.

There are of course many other Cisco routers which had been discovered
properly with a full address and all the inventory of interfaces in the
child submap.
Is this a known phenomena in this release, or is this a consequence of
something I did?

Eli Gal - elig@bezeq.com <mailto:elig@bezeq.com> 
Bezeq - the Israeli Telecommunications Corp.
Ramat Gan, Israel
tel: +972-3-5.763.763
mobile: +972-50-665493

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