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Re: Defining smartsets by loopback ip-address

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Subject: Re: Defining smartsets by loopback ip-address
From: Ray Schafer <schafer@tkg.com>
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 18:05:31 +0000
Orlando Gobbi wrote:

> I need to define smartsets for my Cisco routers (about 600), using
> their loopback ip-address as rule of filtering.I find out that the
> loopback interface is in the object information as TopM Interface
> List, but this field is not available in the rules of the smartsets.If
> I set the IP Address equal the loopback address, in the smartset rule,
> i get only the loopback interfaces, and is not good for me.Now I can't
> use any other filtering criteria for the smartsets I need.I work with
> Tivoli Netview V 6. installaed on Aix 4.3. Anyone got any ideas ?
> Orlando GOBBI


What exactly are ou trying to do?  I'll guess.

Guess 1:  You want to do things with these smart sets (like threshold
snmp data), and you want NetView to use the loopback interfaces to query
the router (since it will always be a reachable destination should at
least one interface be reachable).     It that's true, you can't get
there by doing this.  You can create a collection of lopopback
interfaces, but they are not nodes from which you can collect data.
The solution is to control the discovery  process so that NetView uses
the correct interface (loopback) to talk SNMP to the router.  To do

  1. Make sure that the loopback interfaces resolve to the router name,
     and that this name resolves to the loopback address.   This forward
     and reverse resolution is critical for NetView to function
     correctly.  If the name doesn't resolve to an address that resolves
     back to the name, you'll have problems.
  2. Create a seedfile with the loopback IP addresses.
  3. Delete all 600 routers and re-read the seedfile.    (I know this is
     drastic - but take heart - you'll never have to do it again).

Guess 2:   You just want to create a collection of Cisco Routers.   Look
at the fields of the routers and see if you can find something common:
Look at the vendor field.  Do you have a field called isCisco?  So maybe
your rule could be: "(('vendor' = 'Cisco') && ('isRouter'='TRUE'))"
or "((isCisco= TRUE) && (isRouter=TRUE))".

Ray Schafer                   | schafer@tkg.com
The Kernel Group              | Distributed Systems Management

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