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AW: Netview for NT

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Subject: AW: Netview for NT
From: ADAMCZYK Herbert <herbert.adamczyk@it-austria.com>
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2000 20:38:14 +0200
We have some Netview NT's running as "Attended NetView's" out in the field.
Our customers can connect to the Netview/NT Webserver and they can see their
own view of their network (while our central Netview AIX has the "global"
view). Netview NT is very stable (!), has some nice features and we are very
satisfied, although for us it is not an alternative for the Netview UNIX.  


Herbert Adamczyk


A-1020 Wien, Lassallestraße 5
Telefon: ++43-1-21717-58943
Telefax: ++43-1-21717-89-58943
mailto: herbert.adamczyk@it-austria.com

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Von: Chance, Larry [mailto:lchance@SFBCIC.COM]
Gesendet am: Montag, 7. August 2000 20:03
An: 'Netview Users'
Betreff: [NV-L] Netview for NT 

Anyone else trying to use the NT version of Netview?
(That is, with NO Unix at all?)

Just curious how many on the list-server actually have it
and TRY to use it...


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