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RE: MLM port configuration.

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Subject: RE: MLM port configuration.
From: James_Shanks@tivoli.com
Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2000 09:12:54 -0400

Arthur -

Somehow you have a misunderstanding about all this and you are making it very
much harder than it needs to be.
There is no port sharing in UNIX.  One and only one process will own port
162/udp and 162/tcp.  When traps are sent to that box, whatever process is
listening on that port will get the trap.  If others want a copy too, then that
process must send them one.

The only time you have a port conflict is when MLM's midmand and NetView's trapd
are on the same box.  Only one process can have port 162.  The midmand has the
ability to send its traps directly to NetView but not the other way around, at
least not easily.  So in that situation you would have midmand own 162 and put
trapd on another port, and have midmand forward to that port, 165 if you like or
any other which is unused.    It's really simple.  You set up the MLM trap
destination table and you are done.

What's not clear here is where you are installing this MLM.  If the other
"security conscious network" is different from the one NetView is in, then why
are you trying to install an MLM on the NetView box?   You could just install
the MLM in that other network and have it receive traps locally and forward
whatever ones you like.

James Shanks
Team Leader, Level 3 Support
 Tivoli NetView for UNIX and NT

"Boulieris, Arthur" <Arthur.Boulieris@nz.unisys.com> on 08/08/2000 06:01:14 PM

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Subject:  RE: [NV-L] MLM port configuration.

Thanks Leslie,

Sorry I should have been clearer.
I have Netview manageing various networks with lots of devices sending traps
to it.

I now need to install an MLM in a very security conscious environment where
they would prefer the use of an MLM. This is on a different network to

The MLM needs to be trap receptor but netview server needs to be one too.

What I want to know is whether the both MLM and Netview server can be trap
receptors listening on port 162 and the MLM forwards traps to netview on the
same port?

Another idea I had was to have both netview and MLM listening on udp port
162 and then the MLM sends trap data on tcp port 165.

Does this make a little more sense?

Thanks Arthur

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It all depends on whether you are putting the MLM on the Netview
box, or on another box, and which one is supposed to get the traps.
Either one could be the main trap receptor.

To use MLM for trap filtering, it needs to be the trap receptor. It needs
run on the address that the devices send traps to, and listen on port 162.
The usual thing would be to put Netview on a different address, somewhere
nearby. Configure MLM to forward to Netview's 162. These are mostly default
setting when they are on two different boxes. I have actually moved
a Netview to a new address and left an MLM behind to be the trap
receptor to avoid having to change the trap destination on all devices.
This works well for sparing Netview the cpu of excess event processing.

If you install an MLM directly on the Netview box, the install
process assumes that you are using it for other than trap filtering,
like APM use, and automatically disables trap reception on the
MLM. Netview still listens on 162. The devices have their trap
destination set to the address of the Netview & MLM box, and Netview
gets the traps.  MLM is not involved at all in trap reception, although
it will send its own traps to Netview port 162.  If you are looking at the
redbook or the Sysmon redbook, then the instructions may refer to tasks
that are no longer necessary since later versions simplified the install
process in this respect.

If, however, you want to use the MLM right on the Netview box for
trap filtering purposes, then you have to make the change.  You
would enable trap reception in the MLM configuration, and set
forwarding to Netview (same address) on port 165. Configure Netview
(trapd) to listen on port 165. So the traps go first to MLM for filtering
and those that pass go to Netview. This is unusual, since the MLM
filtering is intended to offload cpu, but it is not incorrect.

I hope I have guessed right about what you are trying to accomplish.
If not, ask again and someone else might be able to answer more clearly.


Leslie A. Clark
IBM Global Services - Systems Mgmt & Networking

"Boulieris, Arthur" <Arthur.Boulieris@nz.unisys.com>@tkg.com on 08/07/2000
05:29:14 PM

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Subject:  [NV-L] MLM port configuration.

Hi all,
I am running netview 5.1.2 for solaris 2.6.
I have a request to add an MLM to our existing setup but it has raised a
couple of questions regarding trap ports.

Firstly can a device (MLM) listen and send on the same port (port 162). I
assume no which is why the redbook talks about reconfiguring the netview
server to listen on port 165 for traps and MLM to forward traps to netview
on 165.

The next question is what do I do about hundreds of devices that forward
traps to netview on port 162 , netview wont be listening on this port? Is
there a work around or will I need to have the trap destination of all
devices changed to an MLM?

Thanks Arthur

   Arthur Boulieris
   Implementation & Support Specialist
   Systems Management


    Ph: 64-4-462 2787
    Mobile: 025 543 529

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