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Re: Fore Hubs and switches

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Subject: Re: Fore Hubs and switches
From: "Don Sykes" <Don.Sykes@bcbsnc.com>
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2000 15:31:54 -0400
We're using NV 5.1 on AIX 4.2.  Depending on what you define as manage, we 
basically loaded the MIBs manually (NV5.x on AIX 4.2 is not officially 
supported by Fore/Marconi) and monitor the status.  WARNING, you will need to 
load a lot of MIB files in the Correct Order!!  We also convinced Tavve 
Software Co. to add support for collecting data on port bandwidth into their 
product to help with bandwidth analysis.  Fore decided some time ago to stop 
supporting AIX since they do not have very many ForeView customers that run 
NetView or AIX.  
These days, Fore/Marconi has new software for management on NT platforms but we 
haven't started looking into the new stuff yet.  We did eventually copy the 
daemons from a previous NetView installation and are able to see front panel 
views and other ForeView functions, its just not integrated into NetView's 
menus in our case.

Don Sykes
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>>> "Mark Malki" <m_malki@HOTMAIL.COM> 08/22/00 01:26PM >>>
Hi Folks

I have a customer who want to manage some Fore Hubs and Switchs, he like to 
know if he could manage the following through Netview, he need s to know if he 
could manage the following in anything else other than IP address, here what he 
has. i think he is trying to manage them through ATI or ATM.

Fore ESX 3000
Fore ESX 2000
NSC-1 ESX 2400 Controller
ASX-200 BX
Power Hub 7000

Has anyone dealt with problem before, is there a mib file thant i could use to 
manage these Hubs, and Switches in anything else instead IP. and if yes could 
anyone provide me the information please....

Mark Malki

Please reply to m_malki@hotmail.com or mark.malki@xacta.com 

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