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Re: nvUtil / nvcold - vodoo

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Subject: Re: nvUtil / nvcold - vodoo
From: James_Shanks@tivoli.com
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 07:30:09 -0400

Ralph -

Weren't you having this problem BEFORE you installed 6.0.1 and you did that
upgrade because no one wanted to pursue this on an old level of code?

I am not actively involved in your issue but I would think you would want to do
netstat -a when the problem occurs and a dbxprof (or gdbprof) on both daemons
when this occurs so that one can see what they are doing.  It certainly sounds
like an interprocess communication problem.

James Shanks
Team Leader, Level 3 Support
 Tivoli NetView for UNIX and NT

Schiffinger Ralph 2100 <Ralph.Schiffinger@erstebank.at> on 08/31/2000 05:19:16

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Subject:  [NV-L] nvUtil / nvcold - vodoo

Good morning!

Running NetView 6.0.1, AIX 4.3.2
Approx. 40000 objects in database, ovwdb cache-size set to 80000
nvTurboDatabase speed was run (repeatedly)
"Resolve database inconsistencies" is run repeatedly as well
Our box: S7A, 4 processors, 8 GB memory, 5 hdisks, the works...

We already have a case open with support,
but maybe someone else too is experiencing something like that:

Vodoo #1:


echo `date` `nvUtil e "(('CorrStat3' = 'TESTING'))"|wc -l`

...repeatedly from the CLI gives...

Mon Aug 28 16:04:22 DFT 2000 0
Mon Aug 28 16:06:05 DFT 2000 38986
Mon Aug 28 16:07:25 DFT 2000 0
Mon Aug 28 16:07:31 DFT 2000 0
Mon Aug 28 16:07:38 DFT 2000 39001
Mon Aug 28 16:08:55 DFT 2000 39005
Mon Aug 28 16:11:45 DFT 2000 0

Vodoo #2:

One of our favourite collections goes like this (nvUtil g NEWSTUFF)...

Description: newly discovered stuff
Rule: (('IP Status' = 'Unmanaged') && (!('isInterface' = 'TRUE')) &&
(!('CorrStat2' = 'UNMAN')))

...and strange things happen all the time...

* nvUtil l NEWSTUFF (CLI) gives a list of nodes/networks/segments.
* double-clicking the "NEWSTUFF-egg" (GUI) shows NOTHING!
* Delete/Symbol NEWSTUFF - "repopulate it" (double click) - here they are?

And sometimes even that does not work.
* nvUtil l NEWSTUFF shows new stuff.
* Deleting and "repopulating" the "NEWSTUFF-egg" a zillion times shows nothing!?

"Solution" :-( stop all GUI's / ovstop / ovstart / restart all GUI's...

Vodoo #3:

Normally ovwdb- and nvcold-daemons are running "hand-in-hand",
i.e. their CPU-usage is approx. the same.

And all of a sudden the following happens:

ovwdb starts "eating up CPU" (CPU-usage around 25% all the time)
nvcold "goes to sleep" (CPU-usage less than 1% all the time)
no more updates of "Collection-eggs" (GUI)...
nvUtil G (CLI) takes "hours" to complete...

"Solution" :-( stop all GUI's / ovstop / ovstart / restart all GUI's...

Any ideas and comments welcome.

Thank you, Ralph
Tel  (mobil)   +43 664 1908469
Tel  (iT-A)     +43 1 21717 58948
FAX (iT-A)     +43 1 21717 58979

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