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Ruleset using RESOLVE and FORWARD

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Subject: Ruleset using RESOLVE and FORWARD
From: Foss Ray-xrf001 <Ray.Foss@motorola.com>
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 17:03:05 -0700
Forgive me if this is a FAQ, my ears are still wet when it comes to NV6K.

I'm running NetView 6.0 and forwarding OV_IF_Down and OV_IF_Up events to a
3.6.2 TEC based on a NetView ruleset.  My question is:

Can I use the RESOLVE template, as in the sample (sampcorrIuId.rs) ruleset,
to suppress quick down/up indications that are not real outages?  Here is
the pseudo-code for my desired results:

if you get a OV_IF_Down
        Hold it for a while (3 minutes)

if you get a OV_IF_Up
        if you have a OV_IF_Down in hold from the same IP
                resolve this event

if the Hold timeout expires
        forward the OV_IF_Down event

I also don't know if I can cascade rule sets.   Any help if greatly
appreciated.  Thanks.

Ray Foss
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   FAX: 480-441-5455

Motorola, Inc.
Global Computing & Telecommunications
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