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RE: NV-L Digest - 05 Sep 2000

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Subject: RE: NV-L Digest - 05 Sep 2000
From: Foss Ray-xrf001 <Ray.Foss@motorola.com>
Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2000 13:34:51 -0700
Thanks to Michael Seibold and James Shanks for the suggestions to my RESOLVE
and FORWARD issue from last week.  I think I now know enough to try to
implement the ideas.

I'm now running into a problem where NONE of my ruleset editor changes seem
to be taking effect.  I make my changes, save the ruleset and when I go back
into the same ruleset, they are lost!

I do some extra files created in /usr/OV/conf/rulesets such as: x.rs.BAK and
x.rsixMQab where "x" is the ruleset name I am trying to modify.  They are
owned by root:bin.  The other rulesets seem to be owned by bin:bin.

Any ideas?

Ray Foss
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