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Re: NetView Web Client - Realms.prp

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Subject: Re: NetView Web Client - Realms.prp
From: Robert Brochu <brochu@attglobal.net>
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2000 11:48:20 -0400
Try using the nvwc.bat  instead cause the web client doesn`t work well.
This is the information found in the file Running.html.

>>Several problems may occur when the web client is run in a browser without the
Java Plug-in. Including:
>>             The user may be required to log in twice, once via the web client
log in dialog, and again through the browser's HTTP >>authorization dialog.
>>             The web client runs slowly.
>>             Out of memory errors occur.
>>             Some Menu items have the wrong display strings and are not
>>        When no Java Plug-in is available, we strongly recommend that you run
the web client as an application.

Stephen Elliott wrote:

> All,
> Has anyone noted a problem using the web client with more than one
> user/password pair listed in the Realms.prp or NetViewRealm.prp files? I
> added a 2nd and after logging in I rec'd another authorization pop-up window
> requiring a login. It won't allow any entry and the web browser locks up.
> The new UID/passwords are valid for and work with NetView console sessions.
> Any info is appreciated.
> Regards,
> Steve Elliott
> Sr. Network Mgmt. Engineer
> epicRealm, Inc.
> 214-570-4560
> _________________________________________________________________________

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