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FW: TCP Connect Error 146

To: nv-l@lists.tivoli.com
Subject: FW: TCP Connect Error 146
From: scott.hammons@farmersinsurance.com
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 09:56:03 -0500

Hello again,

I assume that I didn't post the question correctly last time, so I will try this
again.   Basically what I'm trying to do is obtain some SNMP information from a
server with SNMP software.  I've loaded the MIB, checked the community string
and I'm still not seeing any SNMP information.  Now I don't think these are
related, because the isSNMPsupported column when I display the object
information is set to false.  So I know I will need to change this.  However,
when testing the IP/TCP/SNMP connectivity, the TCP portion is giving me the
error while the IP/SNMP portion is OK.  The port I'm getting the error on is 23.
This would make sense because I believe that is the telnet port and this is an
NT server.  Is there anything I need to do special to correct this?  Will this
cause me problems in managing the device?  Thanks again in advance for any

Scott Hammons, Consultant
Advanced Integrated Solutions, Inc.
(Farmers Line) 405-782-5302
(Pager) 888-520-0517
(Cell) 210-378-8229

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