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Netview authentication

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Subject: Netview authentication
From: luc BARNOUIN <luc.barnouin@fr.airsysatm.thomson-csf.com>
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 12:19:58 +0200
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Dear forumers,

We are using Netview security features, to define roles and restrict access to
Netview GUI. The current implementation of nvsecd_admin is quite permissive in
terms of password, and does not respect the "weakness" check using the standard
UNIX acceptable password checking function - see the UNIX man page for

Does anyone know a configuration (DCE configuration, UNIX C2 configuration, ...)
that would allow Netview to be more secured?


- Digital Unix 4.0f
- Netview 5.1.3
- DCE 2.1

Thanks for any idea


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