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Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 14:49:37 EDT
Sanjiv --

We offer a 2-day course on Tivoli Asset Management Administration.  I'm 
including a description below.  The process for registering is detailed on the 
following page:


If you have any other trouble with the pages or the registration process, 
please contact Tivoli Registration at (888) 746-3331 or (512) 436-8346 for 

Tivoli Education

Course Description
As more businesses make the transition from centralized IT operations to 
distributed environments, it becomes even more critical for them to have access 
to data about corporate assets. Tivoli Asset Management is an automated 
solution that provides that immediate and accurate information. It works as a 
complementary solution with asset discovery tools to offer an organization a 
"collaborative" view of its assets. As assets continue to grow in numbers and 
complexity, Tivoli Asset Management supplies the essential framework so the 
organization can better manage and support the total life cycle of its assets.

Tivoli Asset Management 6.0 for System Administrators will provide the training 
necessary for administrators of Asset Management to be successful configuring 
and maintaining the Tivoli Asset Management application. In this course you 
will configure and maintain Asset Management, perform integrations with Tivoli 
Inventory, and run reports on asset data.

This course enables you to build the necessary knowledge and skills to:

List the main features of Tivoli Asset Management, and equate commonly used 
asset terminology with Tivoli Asset Management terminology 
Perform asset maintenance tasks within Tivoli Asset Management 
Create containers and add assets to them 
Add planned and completed events, and mark planned events as completed 
Set Tivoli Asset Management preferences, including the update options for 
Tivoli Asset Management data 
Maintain connection types 
Maintain related information for assets, including contracts, vendors, 
connections and categories 
Update/populate the Tivoli Asset Management database through the provided data 
Add, define and run reports for Tivoli Asset Management and describe the types 
of Tivoli Asset Management reports available in Tivoli Decision Support 
Schedule Tivoli Asset Management batch updates and reports using the Tivoli 
Asset Management Scheduler 

Who Will Benefit From This Course
This course is intended for system administrators of the Tivoli Asset 
Management application.

Required Skills/Knowledge
The following list contains the prerequisite knowledge or Tivoli product 
knowledge an attendee must have prior to attending the course:

Working knowledge of the Windows operating system, including the ability to 
navigate in a Windows environment, traverse filesystems, and edit documents. 
Familiarity with relational database structures and concepts. Students should 
understand the relationship between fields, records, and tables. Students 
should also be able to construct and interpret simple SQL queries. 

Recommended Courses
Before attending this course, you should attend a Tivoli Service Desk 6.0 for 
System Administrators course or possess equivalent expertise.

Course Outline
Unit 1: An Introduction to Tivoli Asset Management
Unit 2: Maintaining Assets
Unit 3: Working with Containers
Unit 4: Working with Events
Unit 5: Configuring Tivoli Asset Management Settings
Unit 6: Maintaining Tivoli Asset Management Supporting Data
Unit 7: Using the Data Utilities
Unit 8: Reporting on Tivoli Asset Management Data
Unit 9: Using the Tivoli Asset Management Scheduler

In a message dated Fri, 29 Sep 2000  1:43:20 PM Eastern Daylight Time, "Sharma, 
Sanjeev" <Sanjeev.Sharma@usa.xerox.com> writes:

<< Hi All
Does anyone know about any training provided by Tivoli on Asset management.
I tried to check on web site but most of the training link are broken right
Thanks a lot in advance.
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