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AW: Do I need to use ARF for this?

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Subject: AW: Do I need to use ARF for this?
From: "Gerlach, Ingo" <Ingo.Gerlach@gedas.de>
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 2001 12:23:24 +0100
Hi Mans,

we use mrtg too.
Take a look at the /usr/OV/registration/C/NetViewWebApp.reg File.

I've copy and modified this File to get direct acces to the mrtg index page.
Hope this help .

 Application 'MRTG'
    Description {
        "Web Statistics"
    Version 'V6R1';
    Copyright {
      "ige 12/00 ",
    MenuBar  "Administer"
              <5>       "Statistics" _W f.menu 'webstat';
    Menu 'webstat'
                <2>  "MRTG Page" _M f.action 'MRTGPage';
                <1>  "TRAP Page" _T f.action 'TRAPPage';
    Action 'MRTGPage'
     Command "/usr/OV/bin/netscapeRemote -raise -remote

    Action 'TRAPPPage'
       Command "/usr/OV/bin/netscapeRemote -raise -remote


Hi all,

this is the scenario;
the customer uses NV 601 on Solaris 2.6 and they also use MRTG for doing
and showing routerstatistics on an internal webserver. Now, they like to
implement the function of adding a menu item somewhere in NV (or make the
symbol behavour to "execute") that directs me to the webserver. For
example; If I double-click on a router symbol on tha map, the web browser
opens with the url that corresponds to the nodename of the router. Or
adding a new menu item that shows up upon right-clicking (like the MIB
application builder) that does the same thing. Is this possible somehow? Is
it ARF I use ? Are there any RedBooks that covers stuff like this and do I
need to know C programming?


Måns Langert

IBM Global Services
Phone: +46 8 793 3935
Mobile: +46 70 793 3935
E-mail: mans.langert@se.ibm.com

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