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RE: Netview 6.01 and MS SQL

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Subject: RE: Netview 6.01 and MS SQL
From: "Cavazos, David" <david.cavazos@tgslc.org>
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 13:49:49 -0500
Thanks for the reply Don,
I had already set the variable and it still setup the data sources as Access
when I installed Netview.  It seems this only works if the SQL server is

I have tried setting up the data sources before the install, it rewrote them
as Access. I tried building the databases manually and upsizing the data
from the Access database to the MS SQL server and them changing the data
sources from Access to the SQL database.

No luck, it still used the access database.

I wonder is there is some parameter(s) in Netview I can change to have it
use SQL AFTER the install????

I am early in the implementation process.  So if I have to reinstall again I
will do it if it gets it to work.

The documentation says very little about the whole thing.

David Cavazos (MCSE, MCDBA)
Database Engineer
Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corp.
(512) 219-4977

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Add/Modify this environment variable :

Best regards,
Don Davis  -  Tivoli Certified NetView Instructor & Consultant

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