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Re: Netview SNMP Collection Issue

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Subject: Re: Netview SNMP Collection Issue
From: "Leslie Clark" <lclark@us.ibm.com>
Date: Mon, 14 May 2001 00:04:51 -0400
The /usr/OV/log/snmpCol.trace file records when it is unable to
collect from a node, but it snmpCollect does not tell anyone about it.
Of course I think it should, but it never has. You could monitor that file
with something (MLM and the SIA? Tivoli logfile adapter?). What I
usually do is change the default configuration of snmpCollect, which
is to retry in an hour, and make it retry in 15 minutes or some more
reasonable period. Your missing data should match up with outages,
but may also coincide with periods when the node was too busy to
answer in the time specified. I believe snmpCollect respects the
timeouts and retries specified in 'Options...SNMP' but won't swear
to it.


Leslie A. Clark
IBM Global Services - Systems Mgmt & Networking

"Paul Maine Jr." <paulm@msicc.com>@tkg.com on 05/09/2001 04:25:29 PM

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Subject:  [NV-L] Netview SNMP Collection Issue

I have set up a Netview collection to poll a particular MIB object at a
particular frequency. Afterwards, when I am reviewing the collected data I
find that I am missing data. Is there a log file in netview or some other
means to flag when I am no longer able to collect data on a particular
device. I know that when a SNMP GET is performed it will retry a number of
times before proceeding to the next collection object.

Thank You
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