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Re: How can I get status of a location?

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Subject: Re: How can I get status of a location?
From: Bill Evans <wvevans@attglobal.net>
Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2001 16:38:18 -0400
Not efficient but easy to do with a few line commands. First, however 
you need to get a copy of GREP which will run in your environment.  If 
it's NT you can cadge the open source one from the Tivoli Framework 
Managed Node for NT  or from one of the GNU repositories around the 
country (one is at UNC and used to be SUNSITE, then METALAB and is now 
http://www.ibiblio.org/ ).  You also have to have a NetView Console open 
on the system where you run these commands.

First find out the object ID of the location container: Here's what I 
get for the container 7206B on my map (it's NT but should work the same 
for Unix).  The value you want is "311".

C:\DOSUTIL>ovobjprint -s 7206B
                 OBJECTID                SELECTION NAME


         FIELD ID        FIELD NAME                      FIELD VALUE
         10              Selection Name                  "7206B"
         14              OVW Maps Exists                 1
         15              OVW Maps Managed                1
         110             isLocation                      TRUE
         111             isNetwork                       FALSE
         112             isInternet                      FALSE
         114             isSegment                       FALSE
         115             isBusSegment                    FALSE
         116             isStarSegment                   FALSE
         117             isTokenRingSegment              FALSE
         118             isFDDIRingSegment               FALSE
         153             isIP                            FALSE

Then you issue the following command and parse the output.

C:\DOSUTIL>ovmapdump | grep Object | grep " 311 "
Object   311          Unknown              Unreachable

In this case the status you are seeking is "Unreachable". (That happens 
when you run NetView without a network connection.)  A little parsing 
using common tools (bash and awk from the Tivoli Managed Node for NT 
tools work on this) and you're home free. For the e-mail use sendmail 
for Unix or nvmail for NT.

Happy e-mailing.

Bill Evans, Consultant in Enterprise Systems Management

Gebhart, Tom (CC-ETS Tools Services) wrote:

> How can I get status of a location?
> I have router objects in location containers.  The location containers 
> change color on the IP Map based on the status of the objects contained 
> within (Status Source: Compound (Propagated)).  If I try to "Display 
> Object Information" on one of these location containers, I get no "IP 
> status" like I get with a router object.
> How can I get the location to page/e-mail based on it's status?
>     Tom Gebhart
>         ConAgra Foods
> Senior Systems Administrator
>         (402) 577-3677

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