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snmp trap and forward trap to T/ec / try #2

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Subject: snmp trap and forward trap to T/ec / try #2
From: "D'Apice, Dominic" <D.D'Apice@SAQ.qc.ca>
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2001 09:00:30 -0500
Hello, i would like to add a snmp trap to Netview and forward this trap to
the T/ec . 

ps : we use netview 7.1 on aix, the trap should come from a gateway server
that support Radio frequency incoming snmp trap. This gateway should then
forward to netview the snmp trap and then Netview will forwarded this event
to the tec (event console)

i think i must use mib2trap or xnmp... 

1- My first question is , how to add a snmp trap with or without MIB ?

2- My second question is : for forward a event (trap) to the event console i
need a enterprise ID (in the rules set editor), how can i create a
enterprise ID for this trap ? does it create itself when i add the new trap
with mib2trap ? in case or the provider of this trap does not have a mib,
what can i do ?

3- What is exactly a enterprise id ? it represent only one objet in the
network  or it a group of objets ?

thank to reply
(sorry i'm new )

Dominic D'Apice
Technicien informatique

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