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[nv-l] Ruleset to trigger action for interfaces with SNMP ifType 22

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Subject: [nv-l] Ruleset to trigger action for interfaces with SNMP ifType 22
From: Danny Lee <dannyl@ibk.com.au>
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2002 15:31:58 +1100
Reply-to: dannyl@ibk.com.au
Hello there Netview gurus,

   My environment is of the following:

   Tivoli Netview for Unix 7.1.2
   running on Solaris 8

I'm trying to create a simple ruleset using the Netview ruleset editor to run a script (Action) (or display to event window) when a an Interface down event is received from only certain type of interfaces (ie. serial interface, atm, etc).

My current ruleset looks like the following:

Event Stream (default action: block)
Trap Settings (Enterprise: netview 6000, Event Name: IBM_NVIDWN_EV)
Query Database Field (Field Name: SNMP ifType, Object ID Source: Origin, Comparison Type: "Equal To", Literal Value: 22)

My logic here is that for all "Interface Down" event received, the interface in question will be queried for its SNMP ifType value in the database, and as long as it contains the value 22 (point to point serial), then the event will be forwarded to a dynamic workspace which I'm using to test this ruleset. However, it doesn't seem to work. Is this because the "Query Database Field" node is only designed to work with "Node" events rather than "interface" events? Or am I missing something here?

Any help appreciated...


Danny Lee                             ph: +61 408 887 141
IBK (Senetas Group)                   fax: +61 3 9820 2840
Level 1, 11 Queens Road               email: dannyl@ibk.com.au
Melbourne VIC   3004

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