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Re: [nv-l] New install version 7.1.2 network discovery problem

To: "Owens, Blaine C - Eastman" <bowens@eastman.com>
Subject: Re: [nv-l] New install version 7.1.2 network discovery problem
From: James Shanks <jshanks@us.ibm.com>
Date: Wed, 6 Nov 2002 14:46:09 -0500
Cc: nv-l@lists.tivoli.com
Have you checked the obvious?
First is there a correct entry for both localhost and the actual host name 
of this box in /etc/hosts?
Does snmpd.conf have public as a read community name?  Or is the name in 
Does the rest of snmpd.conf look OK?
Is snmpd running?   startsrc -s snmpd / stopsrc -s snmpd    (on AIX)
Can you do snmpwalk to your own box?  snmpwalk -c  <community_name> 
<hostname> system
Now, is mgragentd running?  He's the guy who would populate the MIB which 
would make this a manager.
Look in his log in /usr/OV/log for errors.  Don't see any?  ovstop and 
ovstart him.  If you see errors, verify that his entries in snmpd.conf and 
snmpd.peers match.

James Shanks
Level 3 Support  for Tivoli NetView for UNIX and NT
Tivoli Software / IBM Software Group

"Owens, Blaine C - Eastman" <bowens@eastman.com>
11/06/2002 02:25 PM

        To:     nv-l@lists.tivoli.com
        Subject:        [nv-l] New install version 7.1.2 network discovery 

After fresh install of version 7.1.2 (standalone) on a new server NetView
will not automatically discover anything beyond the subnets found on 
which have interfaces on NetView's local subnets. I have configured netmon
to discover all networks. One thing I have noticed, the NetView host does
not show up in the Managers submap, is set to "IsManager  FALSE", and if I
do a demandpoll I get "SNMP error: no such name"  following the "Get 
Product Name". Any suggestions?

Blaine Owens
Eastman Chemical Company
Phone - (423)-229-3579
Cell Phone - (423)-817-0704
Fax - (423)-229-1188

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