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[nv-l] two snmp agents on one device (Checkpoint NG problem)

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Subject: [nv-l] two snmp agents on one device (Checkpoint NG problem)
From: netview@toddh.net (Todd H.)
Date: 27 Nov 2002 11:25:47 -0600
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General concept question: has anyone come up with a reliable way to
get NetView to deal with two separate snmp agents on a single box?
(e.g. one on port 161, another on port 162).  I've encountered a
similar problem with 3rd party application level monitors that run
snmpd's for monitoring web server performance.

Configuring two virtual IP addresses seems to work sometimes, but once
NetView figures out the ip's are on the same box, it collapses them
down to one device, and only talks to one snmpd from there on out.

Here's the situation that motivates above silly question: Nokia's got
a bug (shocking, I know) in IPSO 3.5 with Checkpoint NG in that their
IPSO snmpd daemon--basically that IPSO snmpd won't support the
Checkpoint mibs.  Similar issues exist with Checkpoint NG under AIX
and HP, as I understand.

The workaround Nokia publishes is that you could run the Checkpoint's
snmpd in addition to the Nokia IPSO snmpd on separate ports.  That's
the only way you can simultaneously monitor, say,
ipsoProcessorUtilization (CPU utilization on the Nokia box) as well as
fwModuleState ("Is Checkpoint running?").  Problem is, that in our
experience, NetView really really doesn't like talking to two snmpd's
on the same piece of hardware.

Thoughts?  Experiences?  Workarounds?  Nokia is hunting to see if
there is an IPSO release in which this bug in their snmpd is fixed. 

TIA for any advice in dealing with this situation. 

Best Regards, 
Todd H.

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