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Re: [nv-l] NetView and DNS -- you using it? (was Re: RES: [nv-l] /etc/ho

To: "Barr, Scott" <Scott_Barr@csgsystems.com>
Subject: Re: [nv-l] NetView and DNS -- you using it? (was Re: RES: [nv-l] /etc/hosts)
From: netview@toddh.net (Todd H.)
Date: 18 Feb 2003 11:37:21 -0600
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"Barr, Scott" <Scott_Barr@csgsystems.com> writes:

> If your company endorses event / systems management - they should endorse
> accuracy/reliability of the DNS environment. No if's and's or but's. They are
> either in the game or not.

Amen, Brutha Barr. 

Unfortunately, it's not always possible due to non-technical reasons. 

> I highly recommend making your NetView slave DNS servers off of the master
> corporate DNS. This has proven to be an excellent performance enhancement on
> Netview and reduced network traffic by a bunch. Remember a trap coming in is
> usually one packet, but there may be a dozen DNS requests to put out on the
> wire before you can even process the trap internally. DNS is a MUST HAVE,
> local slave DNS is better.

A local caching-only instance of bind is a good starting point if you
can't get the DNS guru's to take ownership of a secondary relationship
with your netview server.

Todd H.

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