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[nv-l] Discovery failed after a " Restart a automatic map generation"

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Subject: [nv-l] Discovery failed after a " Restart a automatic map generation"
From: "D'Apice, Dominic" <D.D'Apice@SAQ.qc.ca>
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2003 11:08:32 -0400
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Hi All,       
I installed Netview 7.1 on my new pre-production server, all seem to be 
ok, Netview discoved all node of my network. 

I stop Netview and did a upgrade of my pre-prod server to 7.1.3 with the
/usr/OV.back.v7r1 of my production server (netview 7.1). 

After that i saw all my netview database on the map. Then I did a 
"restart a automatic map generation" to see if the discovery will be 
ok on my pre-prod server...

Netview did not re-discover my network. 

I only see a couple of machines, these that is on the same subnet 
of the netview in pre-production.
the configuration (snmp,seed file...) is the same of my netview in
production, so Netview 
should has the same map after the discovery... i don't understand

 (even if a did a "restart a automatic map       
i also got this error (on both server)                                  
04/17/03 10:07:36 EXCEPTIONS: authentication error: invalid community  
name: xxxx       
i resolve this error putting this in both (netview server) snmpd.conf file
community public                            
community public      
Do i need to put the same line but instead of public i should put the   
others community i have to resolve the failed discovery ?               

It is true that because i did a upgrade from nv 7.1 to nv 7.1.3, i need 
to apply the fix "IY41984" and add the following 2 lines to file        
/usr/OV/bin/netnmrc.pre ?    
because when we did a upgrade there is a bug which causes all community 
settings to be ignored :   
NV 7.1.3 performs every snmpget using the "public" community            
Please i need help, to know why Netview failed to discover my entire    


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