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Re: [nv-l] Content Swtich Monitoring

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Subject: Re: [nv-l] Content Swtich Monitoring
From: Leslie Clark <lclark@us.ibm.com>
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2003 16:14:11 -0400
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Of course there is, if Jane is using it, the expert on Solaris. What was I
thinking of? And Paul, you know it is ok to correct me in public.
No APM on NT or Linux, yes on AIX and Solaris. Got it.


Leslie A. Clark
IBM Global Services - Systems Mgmt & Networking

                      Paul Stroud                                               
                      <pstroud@bellsout        To:       Leslie 
                      h.net>                   cc:                              
                                               Subject:  Re: [nv-l] Content 
Swtich Monitoring                                   
                      04/23/2003 03:02                                          
                      Please respond to                                         

There is APM on Solaris, Im running it on mine;-)


On Wednesday 23 April 2003 14:59, you wrote:
> I did warn you that there is no APM on Solaris, didn't I? Or is it there
> now?
> Cordially,
> Leslie A. Clark
> IBM Global Services - Systems Mgmt & Networking
> Detroit
>                       "Barr, Scott"
>                       <Scott_Barr@csgsy        To:       "NetView mailing
> list" <nv-l@lists.tivoli.com> stems.com>               cc:
>                                                Subject:  RE: [nv-l]
> Swtich Monitoring 04/23/2003 02:20
>                       PM
> You guys rock.
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Jane Curry [mailto:jane.curry@skills-1st.co.uk]
> Sent: Wednesday, April 23, 2003 12:34 PM
> To: Barr, Scott; NetView mailing list
> Subject: Re: [nv-l] Content Swtich Monitoring
> If you have NetView, you have MLM, though I appreciate that doesn't mean
> to say that you use it!   I often install an MLM on NetView explicitly
> to give me the functionality that you want.
>  The Agent Policy Manager (APM) is an app off the Tools menu and gives
> you a way to customise something very similar to the Data Collection and
> Thresholds app.  So, you will need to specify a name (the bit that will
> go after the hostname:  in the new TRAP that you so rightly surmise will
> be created with snmptrap - I think Leslie added an append with this).
> You also specify to APM the MIB variable to collect - we don't care
> about this as what we really want is the icon that we can control via a
> different TRAP.  I use . which is sysUpTime which I poll
> once every 42 days (why not?), with a threshold >1 and a rearm < 1 - as
> I say, you don't care about this but it has to be a legal OID.
> The good bit is that you get to specify a SmartSet as the target for
> this Policy - otherwise you would have to hand-create all the icons
> individually. When you distribute, APM (which is implemented as the c5d)
> works out which MLMs to send this policy to to include all the
> destinations in your SmartSet.  If you only have 1 MLM co-located with
> your NetView, that's the guy that will do your nominal data collection
> polling.
> Don't forget to start your APM c5d daemon from serversetup Configure
> menu - it's not started by default.  After you have restarted your NV
> GUI you should see 2 new top-level icons, 1 for APM and 1 for MLMs.  You
> don't really care about either but it is a good confirmation that c5d is
> configured.
> When you distribute your policy, every node in the SmartSet you
> specified should have a new icon with the policy name you gave -
> obviously you can have lots of different ones if you want to monitor
> lots of services.  Once you've got the icons, you really don't care
> about MLM and APM again.
> I attach my little gen_user2_trap.sh which I use from Tivoli DM to do
> exactly the same sort of thing you want.  In my script, I assume that
> the APM you created was called Tivoli_DM.  Although the description of
> the change status trap doesn't say so, you can pass all sorts of stuff
> on the trap varbind3 as you can see.
> Cheers,
> Jane
> Barr, Scott wrote:
> >Good information, a clarification may be in order.....
> >
> >1) Create a new icon inside the node icon of the relevant devices.  I
> >like to use the APM and MLM to do this as you can then use a SmartSet to
> >specify which nodes get the new icon.
> >
> >===> When you say "create an icon" do you mean "add an object" from the
> GUI? We do not have MLM and I'm not sure what APM would be used for here.
> Can you expand a little?
> >The MIB variable you use in the
> >APM setup is a dummy - I generally use something like sysuptime > 1.
> >
> >===> This is the part that I'm not sure what you mean. I have no APM
> experience so I will go read the book a bit.
> >2) Customise your specific TRAP so that it generates a new NetView
> >Change Status TRAP (58916871) on the Selection Name that you create by
> >catenating the Node name from the original TRAP with the new icon name
> >that you supplied when you created the icon with APM.  For example, if
> >your original TRAP came from node fred and your APM icon is called
> >myService, your Selection Name needs to be fred:myService.  I generally
> >change status to User1 or User2, depending on whether I want the new
> >icon status to propagate up to the Node level.
> >
> >===> I assume you use the SNMPTRAP command to do this? Another new thing
> for me to work with but it's pretty straightforward.
> >3) This way, you get an icon that represents your service, that changes
> >colour and, if you use User2 as your "bad news on the service colour",
> >you can get a marginal colour on your node icon, which seems an accurate
> >representation to me.  Of course, if the interface of the node also goes
> >down, then the whole node will go Critical.
> >
> >Does that help?
> >Cheers,
> >Jane
> >
> >Barr, Scott wrote:
> >>Greetings listers
> >>
> >>Netview V7.1.3
> >>Solaris 2.8
> >>
> >>We currently receive and process traps froma cisco content switch.
> >>They are syslog traps that contain only the name of the service and
> >>the state:
> >>
> >>
> >>Web Application Event: Service Transition -* **Service:lexlw5se
> >>State:alive* @ Tue Apr 22 03:33:06 2003
> >>
> >>The section in red is the part that is stripped out of the syslog trap
> >>and used for notification. What I want to do however, is have a "node"
> >>in NetView that turns red when the service is down and then green
> >>again when the service is active. I have a perl script that can
> >>execute the necessary functions but I'm unclear on what those
> >>functions would be.
> >>
> >>My original thought was to add a node to the map with that service
> >>name and then use the "event" command to mark it down but that does
> >>not work (I think because status events have to come through netmon
> >>and the event command really doesn't change the status on a node.)
> >>
> >>In my environment I don't need to use nvsniffer or any other tool to
> >>check the status, I merely need to handle the incoming traps and
> >>change the status of the "node" based on the trap. Anyone have
> >>recommendations on how to go about this?
> >>
> >>Scott Barr
> >>
> >>CSG Systems Inc.
> >>
> >>Network Systems Engineer
> >>
> >>Phone: 402-431-7939
> >>
> >>Fax: 402-431-7413
> >>
> >>Mail: scott_barr@csgsystems.com

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