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[nv-l] NV 7.1.x SNMP polling

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Subject: [nv-l] NV 7.1.x SNMP polling
From: "JR Miller" <jmiller5@columbus.rr.com>
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2003 20:46:32 -0400
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Quick question, I have limited experience with newer NV versions.  Can NV 7.1.x poll devices using SNMP as well as ICMP?  Has anyone experienced any issues doing this, good or bad?  This would involve an AIX version, if that matters.  Are there any Redbooks that cover the new versions and features of NV?
Thanks for the input.
Jeffrey R. Miller
Open Systems Engineer
1111 Polaris Parkway
Columbus, OH 43240
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