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Re: [nv-l] Trap Tuning

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Subject: Re: [nv-l] Trap Tuning
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2003 13:09:23 -0500
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I once had a  somewhat similar request and Support suggested the following (cut and paste from their reply)
"However, one value for trapd that  you should definitely look at is the
trapd Connected Application Queue size.  This is the size of the buffer
that holds traps passed out from trapd to applications waiting to receive them, such as netmon, or
ovtopmd. By default we set this to 2000. If you are having problems with trap storms,  I would boost it to 5000  or 10000.   This takes of space in memory,  but if you have plenty of memory, it should not
be a problem."
this is done through server setup- set option for daemon-> trapd.
Hope it helps.
Netview 712 AIX 433

>>> "Jeffrey LiVolsi" <JLiVolsi@jsa-usa.com> 06/12/03 07:51AM >>>

Would like to know if there are tuning paramters that can be modified to
increase the amount of Traps that can be received by Netview. For example:
If a device experiences a problem, a flood of traps can be sent to Netview.
Netview may not be able to handle the bursts of traps. Is there a buffer/que
that can be increased so that none of the traps are lost? Is there a way to
see if the buffer/que gets overloaded?

We are experiencing a problem with actionsvr dying using rulesets. The
ruleset initiates OVXBEEP with pop-up windows. In looking at the
/usr/OV/app-defaults/NVevents file I see a parameter call maxDisplyMsgs =10.
I believe this controls the amount of popup windows that can be opened at
one time. If this gets exceeded, will this cause actionsvr to die?


Jeffrey LiVolsi

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