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[nv-l] Monitoring VPN based networks?

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Subject: [nv-l] Monitoring VPN based networks?
From: "Karl Prinelle" <Karl.Prinelle@elyzium.co.uk>
Date: Sat, 5 Jul 2003 11:58:30 +0100
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Hi list,
NV 7.1.3+fp1 Linux 7.2
I've setup netview to monitor a set of sites connected by VPN tunnels.  Each (well, most anyway) site has multiple routes to the other sites through the VPN's.  There are no traffic filters on the VPN's, SNMP is running on the FW's (accessible only from the trusted side!).
Netview has discovered all the VPN terminators (NetScreen), but it is only discovering the physical interfaces - the trusted and untrusted interfaces on the devices - not the VPN connections & routes.  The result is that each site appears as it's own network with no connections to the other networks since the network "ends" with the untrusted internet facing interface.
I've checked the archives, but I can only find info about not monitoring dynamic VPN connections on cisco concentrators, nothing on wanting to monitor them!  However, the implication I got from that was that the VPN interfaces must have been appearing on those devices for netview to see them - either the cisco update the interfaces table when a connection is made (sounds most likely), or there is "another way"....
Ok, now for the questions...
I think the above topology problem is because in the interfaces table the VPN "logical" interfaces don't appear - only the physical interfaces.  Is this right, or is there a way for Netview to see the VPN interfaces (I've had problems with other devices only writing ifOperStatus to the private MIB & that couldn't be sorted so I'm thinking this is the same kind of thing)?  The VPN connections are present in the private MIB, but I don't think that's much use for netview based on the doc's.
NetScreen firewalls - has anyone used these and managed to have netview draw the topology (in other words solved the above problem another way) - maybe there is a config option in the FW that will write the VPN interfaces to the interfaces table??? (living in hope on that one...)
I'm assuming that since the networks aren't connected, then the RFI will be affected since there is no route to track the events back through?  If I manually draw the appropriate connections between the routers, will this information be use by the Netview RFI algorithm?
Any suggestions much appreciated.
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