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RE: [nv-l] Vital QIP and NetView

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Subject: RE: [nv-l] Vital QIP and NetView
From: "Barr, Scott" <Scott_Barr@csgsystems.com>
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2003 16:00:22 -0500
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Thread-topic: [nv-l] Vital QIP and NetView

This is only a problem on the non-windows version of NetView. I have made an enhancement request um, about two years ago to have the Unix version of NetView properly handle DHCP desktops.

The ways we tried (unsucessfully) to fix this was to unmanage the old interface and demand poll the box but that didn't work because the box became unmanaged and therefore discovery poll didn't pick up the change - since it never got a discover poll since it was unmanaged.

If you come up with a solution before IBM codes the appropriate support for DHCP in NetView I would be interested in what you do. This is neither a new problem nor a small problem but I haven't gotten anywhere trying to get around it.

PMR numbers are available on request.

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From:   Cowan, Christopher [mailto:Christopher_Cowan@sra.com]
Sent:   Thu 8/7/2003 3:40 PM
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Subject:        [nv-l] Vital QIP and NetView
I just noticed another in a string of annoyances generated by my customer's
use of Vital QIP.   The most recent one was with NetView.

Basically, I have non-SNMP managed desktops (of course that almost goes
without saying, since nobody SNMP manages their desktops ;) that have their
DHCP lease expire.   They quickly get a new address, with the appropriate
changes made to DNS by QIP.   The old address may also be reclaimed fairly
quickly, as well.  

There are several race conditions here that contribute to the problem.
Basically, netmon does not follow the address change, and assumes it is
seeing a NIC added to the host.    It then depicts it as a router. I am
running NetView 7.1.3 on Solaris, so to the best of my knowledge it doesn't
have the dhcp option flag in the seed file (like the windows version).

Bottom line: I wondering if there an easy way to prevent netmon from making
this assumption given Vital's behavior?  

Chris Cowan
Sr. ESM Consultant
SRA International

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