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Re: [nv-l] Bandwidth Util over 100% in FrameRelay WAN link

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Subject: Re: [nv-l] Bandwidth Util over 100% in FrameRelay WAN link
From: "John M Gatrell" <John.Gatrell@uk.ibm.com>
Date: Mon, 1 Sep 2003 09:45:06 +0100
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FrameRelay does allow utilisation greater than 100%, but only for a few seconds.
The Telecom provider guarantees you a certain bandwidth, but allows you to use
more than that bandwidth, for short periods of time, provided no one else
at the telecom exchange needs the bandwidth.

If your sample time is more than a few mins, then the figures should not normally come to more than 100%
anyway.  It is more likely that the CIR value is wrong.  In other words, the formula for
utilisation will not work if the ifSpeed is not known correctly.

Telnet to the router, and (assuming it's a Cisco) make sure there is a correct 'bandwidth'
statement such as
  interface Serial0/0.8
  bandwidth 192

John Gatrell, B.A. Physics, CCNA
RMSC - IBM UK's Remote Managed Services Centre
Tel:  0870-010-6284 Internal 814732

>When I collect the BW-Utilization in FR wan circuit,I get values over 100%
>I know the BW-Utilavation calculation is "8*ifInOctet/ifSpeed" or "8*ifOutOctet/ifSpeed" in WAN links.

>When this calcuration is adapted in FR wan circuit,it returns value over 100.

>Someone says it is because FrameRelay permits burst Traffic and that it is collected by setting bandwidth value from CIR to EIR..But I don't make >sense exactly.

>My customer don't want to see BW-Utilization over 100.
>How can I check BW-Utilization that don't over 100? any other caculation used in FrameRelay wan circuit?

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