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RE: [nv-l] MLM and other new features on Linux

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Subject: RE: [nv-l] MLM and other new features on Linux
From: REIBENSCHUH Alfred <alfred.reibenschuh@it-austria.com>
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 18:13:59 +0200
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> Alfred,
> Do you know if there is a formal way for other people to add their
> support to your enhancement request??   - Rather like other
> people can
> subscribe to an open PMR????  Is there any reference code for your
> formal enhancement request?

i do not know if there is such a support mechanism, but judging from
the "printed out forms" that we usually receive from IBM i dont think so.

i'll look up the code and post it here ...

> It is all very well Tivoli saying "raise an enhancement request", but
> they need an official process for customers to add their support to
> requests already raised.  Surely this is how Tivoli prioritises their
> enhancement requests?

from my experience i can say the following:

since our company has an execellent relationship with both IBM and Tivoli
(being continuing reference/beta/esp customer for a number of products),
i received ~500 hardcopy pages of netview & switch-analyser related
"marketing field requirements 1999-2002" just one week prior to the user meeting.

we netview guys waded thru this whole mess and sorted out duplicate and
uneasonable requests and presented the cleaned up list for discussion
at the meeting.

it was fun to see some eyeballs poping out of their sockets, since
some of the requests we deemed necessary for future netview versions (7.1.4+)
had already been made as early as 1999 !!!

what i can do just for now is provide the ref.numbers of requests that i have available.

MR0210035136 - NV: Create locatin.conf from existing database

MR1218026538 - ITSA: Show MAC/IP address on switch-port

MR0128024715 - NVWC: Cut/Copy/Paste etc. from Web-Console

MR0214035353 - NV/ITSA: Graphical Switch-Topology Views

MR0124035320 - NV/ITSA: Layer2-Traceroute

MR1218021642 - NV/ITSA: Interface to "non-Tivoli" Auto-Inventory (XML?)

MR1218025258 - NV/ITSA: Management of defined Switchports

MR1001015200 - NV/WC: 3rd-party Authentication Interface

MR0219027429 - NV/MLM: support SNMPv2/v3 + Traps & xnmloadmib/2 enhancements
/MR0620011856 /MR0926023124 /MR0926925449 /MR0926024210 /PMR800726 c724

judging from the whole list (~500 pages) nobody at IBM/Tivoli sorts out dups :(

Alfred Reibenschuh
Hypovereinsbank Competence Center
Netzwerkmanagement / Network-Management
A-1020 Wien, Lassallestrasse 5
T: ++43-1-21717-58947
F: ++43-1-21717-58979
E: alfred.reibenschuh@it-austria.com
W: http://www.it-austria.com <http://www.it-austria.com>
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