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For NetView to monitor the mail service/server, NetView needs
to be able to make a connection to the service in question(I think
its simply a tcp connection check, but I could be incorrect, someone
please correct  me if I am). As for being able to test the nvsniffer
trap, I would think you would be able to simply firewall the connection
between NetView and the target device for the port in question. I usually
try to use the network tools available in lieu of stopping and starting
a service.


Liu, David wrote:

Dear list,

Due to some historical reasons, we have some NV7.1.2 running. One of the
customers need to monitor its mail service. I need your advise to confirm
the following:

1) nvsniffer no need snmp access to the monitoring device (it is pingable)?!

2) what kind of trap nvsniffer is sending when it finds the (mail) service
is down. How can I test it without stop the service(snmptrap)?

The command I'm using is

/usr/OV/bin/nvsniffer -s -n hostname (the smartset exist)


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