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Re: [nv-l] EventForwarding Ruleset

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Subject: Re: [nv-l] EventForwarding Ruleset
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Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2005 17:45:58 +0100
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Hi Martina,
Are any traps getting through from NetView to TEC?? I would start by testing with the standard TEC_ITS.rs ruleset which will forward standard NetView node/interface/router up/down/marginal/unreachable events, regardless of the name of the device. If you can see these, then you at least know that the basic NetView-to-TEC mechanism is working.

Then work on the NetView ruleset to refine the traps to forward to TEC. Is this a Windows or Unix NetView? Either way, ensure that the relevant TEC adapter (nvserverd on Unix; tecad_nv6k for Win) is configured with your ruleset. I personally would also ensure that the TEC adapter configuration has State Correlation off and a non-TME communications mechanism, unless you explicitly need these features.


Martina Haseneder wrote:

Hi people out there, in the NV-Map there are the nodes cpmv01 and
AND the NV-Server receives traps in trapd.log from the same nodes but different addresses which are not in the nv-Map
    cpm01 and cpm02 (no snmp-read allowed)
Now I need to forward all these traps to TEC. How could the ruleset look like?
I've tried a ruleset with the following, but unfortunately it didn't work:
1) QuerySmartSet NodeList (includes cpmv01 and cpmv02) 2) EventAttribute Origin is equal to IP-Adress of cpm01 3) EventAttribute Origin is equal to IP-Adress of cpm02 3) EventAttribute EnterpriseID is equal to EnterpriseID_of_cbsHwTraps During the weekend traps happened but they did not make the way to TEC. Thanks a lot for any ideas

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