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From: "Kain, Becki \(B.\)" <bkain1@ford.com>
Date: Tue, 24 May 2005 10:57:03 -0400
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Thread-topic: Moving web console passwords around

We have a need to synchronize web console password files from different Netview Servers.  From the readme of FP3, it looks like I should just be able to concatenate the two files (ie:  concatenate, sort, and unique the account names) and then plop the file on all of the Netview Servers.  Is there some reason that this won't work?

Thanks in advance and the readme from the FP that references this is included:

-Becki Kain

Manually edit the NetViewRealm.properties and NetViewRealm.xml files.
When NetView administrators need to add a large number of users, manually editing the NetViewRealm.properties is easier than using the Web Console Security application.

After updating the NetViewRealm.properties file, instead of manually adding corresponding updates to the NetViewRealm.xml file, an administrator can just add (or remove) Web Console Security user account information to the NetViewRealm.properties file and then run the generateNetViewRealmXML command to update the NetViewRealm.xml file.

Note: After adding users to the NetViewRealm.properties file, the NetView administrator should start the Web Console Security application and specify to save updates. As before, saving updates encrypts the passwords of any users which were manually added.

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