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Re: [nv-l] How to Deal BadOID's

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But why do i need to do that, i havent made any changes, i did a clean installation and it puts the devices in that SmartSet. Why do i need to change the oid_to_Type file.?


"Alaa Farrag" <alaahelmy1@hotmail.com>
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Re: [nv-l] How to Deal BadOID's

Read about editing the oid_to_type file in the Netview Unix administrator's guide page 177.
To know the OID of a bad OID device querey the SNMP system variables
snmpwalk -c community_name hostname system

to reflect the changes you made to the oid_to_type you should do the following:
- restart the netmon daemon.
- issue a demand poll over the devices with bad OIDs.

Best regards,
Alaa Farrag
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Subject: [nv-l] How to Deal BadOID's


How can we deal with the BadOIDs smartsets, it has almost all the Routers and switches listed in there, what is wrong how can i fix it??

Help any one!



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